Suzanne Somers Diet

Suzanne Somers Diet

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The Suzanne Somers Diet or Somersizing is the creation of television celebrity Suzanne Somers who has outlined her approach to dieting in a series of books.

The Somersize Diet is basically a reduced carbohydrate diet with an additional emphasis on food combining.

At 66 years old and counting Suzanne still looks amazing, which she attributes to her way of eating and lifestyle.

She has become quite the self-taught health guru over the years and besides her many books on weight loss, she also focuses on hormone replacement, anti-aging, and even curing cancer.

Here are her most popular books.

Suzanne’s BookProblem It Addresses
Eat Great Lose WeightWeight loss through food combining, the original Somersize plan.
Get SkinnyWeight loss
Eat CheatWeight loss
Fast EasyWeight loss
The Sexy YearsBioidentical hormone replacement
Slim and Sexy ForeverHormones and weight loss
AgelessAnti-aging and bioidentical hormones
BreakthroughOverall wellness
KnockoutCuring and Preventing Cancer
Sexy ForeverWeight loss for women over 40
I’m Too Young For ThisHormone replacement for perimenopause

Suzanne Somers Diet Basics

As far as weight loss is concerned, there are two phases to the Somersize Diet.

Funky Foods

In phase one, which is focused on weight loss, dieters are advised to eliminate what Somers refers to as “funky foods”.

“Funky foods” include sugar, white flour, honey, maple syrup, carrot, avocado, banana, sweet potatoes and more which are outlined in her books. Nuts, whole milk and whole yogurt are also to be avoided.

Many of the foods to be eliminated are high glycemic index and the idea is that by avoiding these foods the blood glucose levels will remain more stable which allows the body to burn fat more easily.

In addition, food combining principles are incorporated into the diet plan. Foods are divided into four food groups which are proteins/fats, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit.

The rules for combining these foods are as follows:

  • Always eat fruit alone and on an empty stomach.
  • Combine vegetables with fats and proteins (no carbohydrates).
  • Combine carbohydrates with vegetables (no fats).
  • Wait 3 hours between meals of different combinations.

Dieters are also advised to consume frequent small meals and to eat at least three meals per day with no precise guidelines provided for serving sizes.

Caffeine and alcohol are to be avoided in phase one.


Phase two of the diet is aimed at maintaining weight loss.

Dieters are allowed to include red wine and chocolate in the diet in moderation and more leniency is allowed regarding food combining. Dieters are allowed to deviate from perfect food combining occasionally such as by adding some olive oil or cheese to a pasta dish.

Sample Somersize Meal Plan

Phase 1
Fruit Salad
Herb Tea
Grilled salmon
Large green salad
Piece of string cheese
Steak with mushroom cream sauce
Steamed broccoli
Phase 2
Herb fried eggs
Spinach and mushrooms
1 cup coffee
Caesar salad with grilled chicken
Strawberries with nonfat yogurt
Whole-wheat pasta with pesto primavera
Green salad
Crème brulee

More healthy recipes can be found here.

No Gym Required

The Somersize Diet downplays the importance of exercise for weight loss stating the she personally never goes to the gym.

However she does advocate aerobic exercises three times a week and is known for her home fitness equipment such as the thigh master.

Costs and Expenses

The Suzanne Somers Diet is found in at least four books related to her Somersizing Diet Plan. The fourth and most updated book is called Fast and Easy and retails at $24.95.

Suzanne Somers also has an online weight loss plan designed for woman over 40.


  • No calorie counting or portion control.
  • Good variety of foods will reduce risk of dietary boredom.
  • Emphasizes fruit and vegetables.
  • Includes high quality protein for muscle maintenance and metabolism.
  • Many dieters report improvement of gastrointestinal problems and better digestion.
  • Somersize Diet offers online community with free access.


  • Highly restrictive in terms of food selection and meal timing.
  • Lack of guidance regarding meal planning.
  • Lack of scientific evidence to support the idea of food combining for weight loss.
  • Eliminates many highly nutritious foods such as nuts, yogurt, banana, carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato and avocado.
  • Calcium intake may possibly become inadequate.
  • Does not adequately address the importance of exercise as well as psychosocial factors involved in weight management.
  • Dieters may experience rebound weight gain when they go back to eating higher carbohydrate foods.

A Low GI Diet

The Suzanne Somers Diet in regard to eliminating foods with a high glycemic index does have some foundation, however her approach is overly simplistic, and in failing to consider the effect of the entire meal on glycemic load, many potentially nutritious foods are eliminated from the diet.

It is highly possible that dieters will have success with weight loss on the Suzanne Somers diet. This is because limiting amounts of different foods in a meal can reduce the tendency to overeat.

Although there is no scientific research to support the role of food combining for weight loss, many dieters have reported success with the Somersize Diet and in particular an additional benefit with improvement of digestive function.

By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

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Last Reviewed: January 25, 2018

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