Diet Delivery Services: The Complete List

Diet Delivery Services: The Complete List

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Diet Delivery Services: The Complete List

The most up-to-date and comprehensive guide of diet delivery services available.

Covers diet food home delivery, gourmet food diets, meal pick-up, and meal replacement – across the USA, UK, and parts of Europe.

Items marked with healthy choice are serving fresh, or fresh-frozen food that is preservative-free.


Healthy Choice

  • Delivers all USA.
  • Keto, Vegetarian, and Balanced meal plans.
  • 1200 or 1500 calories

Learn more at the Diet-to-go website.

Bistro MD

Healthy Choice

  • Delivers gourmet and doctor approved meals all over the USA.
  • Plans for both men and women.
  • Support from a Doctor, a Dietitian, and a Fitness Coach
  • OFFER: 25% off plus free shipping.

Learn more at the Bistro MD.

NOTE: If you are looking Bistro meal delivery without a fixed term contract or subscription – go see Balance by BistroMD.


  • Arguably the lowest price delivered diet available.
  • Food quality is lower than other plans.
  • Women’s, Men’s, and Diabetes Plans.
  • Low glycemic index carbs.
  • Research-backed weight loss.

See more at Nutrisystem


  • Meal replacement program.
  • Very affordable.
  • Only suitable if you are very overweight.

See more at

Meal Delivery Alternative

I Love This Diet

“Do it yourself” meal delivery. This plan tells you exactly what to buy. You order or pick it up from the Supermarket. Uses Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, and other type meals, plus provides access to coupons to get them cheaper.

Note: Much of this food is high in sodium and preservatives, choose wisely.

Regional and Other USA Diet Food Delivery

  • Personal Chef to go
    Dinners delivered weekly – across the USA.
  • Home Bistro
    Delivers all USA. Offers a large number of options – even down to selecting individual meals. Diabetic meal plans.
  • 5 Squares
    Delivers fresh daily to NY, CT, and South Florida. Diet is a low-carb approach and is customized for the consumer.
  • California Chef Services
    4 options of fresh meals delivered to the greater LA area only.
  • Eat Like the Pros
    Offering fresh organic meals and personalized Calorie menus. Delivers to the Chicago area.
  • The Fresh Diet
    Delivers nationwide. Based on Zone diet. Offers premium, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.
  • Fresh ‘N Fit
    1200 or 2000 Calorie meal plans available. Pick up locations in Georgia and now home delivery throughout the Southeast is available.
  • Fresh ‘N Lean
    Delivery to the continental USA. Fresh, healthy plant-based meals with diabetic and heart disease options.
  • Healthy Chef Creations
    Organic whole-foods cuisine based in Florida but delivers all over the USA.
  • Healthy Connections
    1200 or 1800 Calorie plans available. Serves Birmingham, AL only.
  • Healthy Heart Meals
    1150 to 1550 Calorie Healthy Meal Plans. Delivers nationwide.
  • In the Zone Delivery
    North America’s Zone Diet Plan. Delivering 3 meals and 2 snacks per
    day throughout the USA and Canada.
  • Jenny Direct
    Delivers all USA, several locations in Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Kosher Diet Delivery
    Delivers New York only.
  • Magic Kitchen
    Frozen meals delivered to your door not necessarily weight loss focused, however, they have sister sites that offer health issue tailored meals. Delivers all USA.
  • Metabolic Meals
    Locally sourced, organic meals (delivered to your door) that are designed to keep your metabolism active. Delivers throughout the USA.
  • NutriFit
    Delivers to LA area. Food based on AHA and ADA recommendations. Other options such as Zone, South Beach, Pritikin etc are available.
  • Nutropia
    Gourmet foods (1600-2500 calories) delivered to New York.
  • ON Food
    Preservative free meals delivered to your door. 4 options to choose from: Man or woman weight loss/ man or woman fitness.
  • Mom’s Meals
    Fresh meals for those who can’t cook for themselves. Delivers all USA.
  • RAWvolution
    Raw Food meals – based in LA and NY – will deliver all USA.
  • Seattle Sutton
    Delivers all USA.
  • Sunfare
    Zone, Vegetarian Zone, Atkins, 5 Factor and other regimes – delivers to LA and Phoenix.
  • Susan’s Healthy Gourmet
  • Taste Haven
    Customized low-calorie meals delivered throughout Long Island, New York.
  • Offers vegetarian, kids, and other healthy options. Delivers to LA, Orange County, and San Diego.
  • ZEN Foods
    Zero Effort Nutrition delivers gourmet Calorie controlled meals to your door in the Southern California area. They offer 1 week free with a 31 day sign up.
  • Zone Healthy
    Southern California (part of Spazio restaurant). Zone diet for kids, and Zone Vegetarian.
  • Zone Manhattan
    Freshly delivered meals to the greater New York City Area.
  • Good Eats Meal Plans
    Delivers dietician designed, low-calorie meals to your door in Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island, New York.

Canada Meal Delivery

  • Be Fresh Local Market
    Be Fresh Local (formerly Licious Living) delivers healthy delicious meals that follow the guidelines of the Zone diet and Canada’s Food Guide. The meals are prepared fresh daily and delivered in Canada.
  • Nutrition In Motion
    The Ontario, Canada Diet Delivery program based on the NIM Diet™, healthy carbs and the right fats. Includes 3 fresh meals, 2 snacks and a dessert delivered to your door before 6 am.
  • Fuel Foods
    Freshly delivered meals to central Toronto.
  • Healthy Diet Delivery
    Delivering 2 meals and 2 snacks a day to the greater Toronto, Canada area.
  • Fit Food
    Many different meal plans available. Delivers greater Toronto, Canada area.

Europe and UK Diet Delivery Services

Body Chef

Healthy Choice

  • Delivers fresh, calorie controlled diet plans directly to your door twice weekly.
  • Dieters in the UK can choose from 8 varied diets
  • Fully customizable to suit their tastes, needs, and objectives.

More UK and Europe Services

  • Diet Chef
    1200 or 1500 food hamper delivered by courier throughout the UK.
  • Pure Package
    UK based gourmet diet delivery food service.
  • Natural Ketosis
    High protein low carb meals delivered throughout the UK.
  • Kitchendiet
    Delivers meals every 8 days and offers phone diet counseling. France
  • Prep Perfect
    A lot of meal plan options including for those wishing to lose weight or those who just don’t like to cook. Meals are cooked on demand and delivered to your door. Nationwide UK delivery.

Diet Meal Replacement

Meal replacement diets use shakes, snacks, and soups as part of a calorie-controlled diet. Most of these can be delivered to your home.

  • Medifast
    Easily the most popular form of meal replacement diet available. One program combines meal replacement products alongside “regular” protein and vegetable meals. Delivery across the USA.
  • HMR Home Delivery
    HMR Weight Loss Clinics now offers home delivery and optional medical supervision. Delivers all USA.
  • Smart For Life Cookies
    Uses low-calorie cookies and bars to replace all but one meal.
  • Hollywood Cookie Diet
    Specially formulated cookies and juices as a replacement for 1 to 2 meals a day.
  • International Metabolic Institute
    Shakes, bars, snacks, soups, and some entrees which are available online.
  • LA Weight Loss to Your Door
    The best of their weight loss program offered at home using their supplements and meal replacement products. Available in USA and Canada.
  • Lighter Life
    UK based plan that offers meal replacement shakes as part of their program.
  • Optifast
    Medically supervised meal replacement program.
  • New Lifestyle Diet
    Lose up to 20 pounds in a month on the top rated liquid diet. Providing the best tasting and most affordable diet shakes, puddings, soups, and bars on the market today. Delivery across the USA.
  • Diet Direct
    Lose up to 48 pounds on the 12-week plan. A wide variety of products available. Ships to USA and Canada as well as many international locations.
  • Dr Seigal’s Diet Cookies

If you have tried any of the above diet meal delivery services listed above, tell us what you thought of them in the comments below.

By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

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Last Reviewed: April 6, 2020

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