Calories in Burrito

Calories in Burrito

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Burrito Calories and Macronutrients

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Total Fat
Sat. Fat
Burrito, with beans2 pieces44771.414.113.56.9
Burrito, with beans and cheese2 pieces3785515.111.76.8
Burrito, with beans and chili peppers2 pieces41258.116.414.77.6
Burrito, with beans and meat2 pieces5086622.517.88.3
Burrito, with beans, cheese, and beef2 pieces33139.714.613.37.1
Burrito, with beans, cheese, and chili peppers2 pieces66285.233.32311.2
Burrito, with beef2 pieces52458.526.620.810.5
Burrito, with beef and chili peppers2 pieces42649.421.516.58
Burrito, with beef, cheese, and chili peppers2 pieces63263.740.924.810.4
Burrito, with fruit (apple or cherry)48473.

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